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Project rules/Server Rules

General Rules
  1. By visiting our panel resources, or playing on our server, you confirm that you are familiar with and agree to these rules. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from responsibility for their violation, and if any claims arise related to the aforementioned fact, the Administration is completely released from liability.
  2. Managers of our server reserve the right to change these rules at any time without notifying players.
  3. The managers of our server reserve the right to suspend your account at any time if there are reasons for this.
  4. Managers of our server are not obliged to return any in-game items lost during the game to you. An exception is the loss of things due to server bugs. The application for the return of things must be duly completed and sent to one of the founders of the project. The decision to return things is made after consideration of the application.
  5. Do not share your credentials, such as password and / or e-mail, with anyone. Keep in mind that the Administration of our server will never request data from your accounts.
  6. It is forbidden to use the Account of another User with valid privileges, as well as sale, transfer, purchase of an Account with valid privileges, including by exchanging or receiving as a gift. It is prohibited to post information, including information in text or voice channels, containing the intention to transfer, sell or purchase an Account with valid privileges, in-game currency and other Additional Project features to another User .
Rules for players
  1. It is forbidden to use hack on the server [Permanent Ban]
  2. Vulgar language is forbidden on the server [Gag / Mute]
  3. It is forbidden to swear at an admin [Gag / Mute]
  4. It is forbidden to insist on changing the map [Gag / Mute]
  5. It is forbidden to spam the chat [Gag]
  6. It is forbidden to advertise on our server to other servers / sites, etc.[Permanenet Ban]
  7. To announce an cheater you are required to use say_team @ + name [Gag / Mute]
  8. It is forbidden to put music through the microphone [Mute]
  9. It is mandatory to respect any other person on the server [Gag / Mute]
Rules for admins
  1. It is mandatory to comply with the Players' Rules. [Remove].
  2. Abuse of admin is prohibited. [-2/Remove].
  3. It is mandatory that players are respected. [ -2 ].
  4. It is mandatory to present evidence for Unban Requests / Complaints / Access Requests. [ -1 ].
  5. It is mandatory to keep a proof for 7 days in case of a Unban Complaint / Request. [ -1 ].
  6. It is mandatory for administrators to respect each other. [ -1 ].
  7. It is forbidden to use the commands on other admins. [ -1 ].
  8. It is forbidden to borrow the steam account. [Remove].
  9. It is forbidden to favor and / or discriminate against players. [ -1 ].
  10. It is forbidden to change maps without the consent of the players. [ -1 ].
  11. It is forbidden to communicate false rules to players. [ -1 ].
Rules for vips
  1. The VIP is not exempt from the general rules of the server..
  2. The VIP cannot be transferred to another account.
  3. Spamming of VIP sounds is forbidden.
  4. The list will receive an upgrade soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy VIP?
  1. The prices of the VIPs are in the shop.
  2. VIPs can only be purchased from LycaNiaN
Server disappeared
  1. If the server has disappeared from the favorites, then the server is currently under maintenance.
  2. Bug of the game itself. Restart Steam / PC.
Where i need to go for additional questions or requests
  1. You can go on our forum and try to find more info.
  2. You can contact LycaNiaN for more info.
How to find the admin who punished me?
  1. Go to the list of administrators, click on the one who punished you, then click on his avatar, and you will be transferred to his profile on Steam.
  2. Here you have the list with our admins CLICK HERE.
Contact us

Now you can contact us here

  1. Enter your nickname:
  2. Link to your steam profile:
  3. Enter the offender's nickname:
  4. Link to the violator's steam profile:
  5. Reason:
  6. Video / Photo of evidence of violation (link to Yandex.Disk or Google.Disk):