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Our Server Rules
Rules for players:

1. It is forbidden to use hacks on the server [Ban Permanent]

2. Common language forbidden on server [Gag/Mute/Ban 120 min]

3. It is forbidden to swear an admin [Gag/Mute/Ban 120 min]

4. It is forbidden to insist on changing the map [Gag/Mute]

5. It is forbidden to spam the chat [Gag]

6. It is forbidden to advertise on servers, sites, forums [Gag]

7. To announce an encryption you are required to use say_team @ + encryption name [Gag/Mute]

8. It is forbidden to put music through the microphone [Mute]

9. Este obligatoriu de a respecta orice alta persoana pe server [ Gag / Mute ]

10. It is forbidden to use the BHOP in combat. [Removing the bhop]

Rules for admins:

1. It is mandatory to comply with the Players' Rules. [Remove]

2. Abuse of admin is prohibited. [-2]br>
3. It is mandatory that players are respected. [-2]

4. It is mandatory to present evidence for Unban Requests / Complaints / Access Requests. [-1]

5. It is mandatory to keep a proof for 7 days in case of a Unban Complaint / Request. [-1]

6. It is mandatory for administrators to respect each other. [-1]

7. It is forbidden to use the commands on other admins. [-1]

8. It is forbidden to borrow the steam account. [Remove]

9. It is forbidden to favor and / or discriminate against players. [-1]

10. It is forbidden to change maps without the consent of the players. [-1]

10. It is forbidden to communicate false rules to players. [-1]